Right words; wrong man.

  • Saturday, November 4th - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday, November 9th - 7:30 pm


What's a beautiful young woman to do with two suitors — one of whom has a lyrical way with words but is too insecure to face her? She should be careful not to fall for the wrong guy.

Act I

Scene 1

The audience is eager for a performance by the famous actor Montfleury. Christian de Neuvilette, a new military recruit, points out to a friend a woman in one of the boxes he’s in love with. Roxane is beautiful, wealthy and learned. Christian laments that he’s not bright or polished enough to win her heart.

The performance begins, but in the middle of it, Cyrano de Bergerac, a duelist and writer with a prominent nose, chases Montfleury offstage. A nobleman makes a bad joke about Cyrano’s nose. Cyrano counters with more poetic alternatives. Swords are drawn, and Cyrano wounds the nobleman.

Cyrano confesses to a friend his love for Roxane. Yet, he laments his large nose will keep her from ever falling for him. Soon, Roxane’s nurse arrives to ask Cyrano to meet Roxane at a bakery the next day.

Scene 2

Cyrano arrives at the bakery. Roxane confesses to him her love for a man. Cyrano thinks she’s referring to him … but it is actually Christian. Roxane makes Cyrano promise to protect Christian in battle.

The cadets arrive, praising Cyrano’s bravery and skill. Christian can’t resist interjecting several references to Cyrano’s nose. Cyrano orders the room cleared and is alone with Christian. He tells Christian he is Roxane’s cousin, and Christian confesses his love for her. The two become unlikely friends and decide Cyrano will write letters to Roxane under Christian’s name.

Act II

Roxane waits for Christian. Cyrano exits before Le Comte de Guiche enters. He, too, is in love with Roxane and asks her to become his lover before he goes to war against the Spanish. She declines, but not before convincing him to allow Cyrano and Christian’s company to remain in Paris.

Christian arrives and tells Cyrano that he no longer needs his services; he believes he can win Roxane on his own. But he fails. Cyrano tells Christian he will “feed” him the right words to woo Roxane.

Eventually Cyrano takes over the courting, speaking while Christian merely mouths words. Christian climbs up the balcony and kisses Roxane. A monk arrives – just in time – and agrees to marry Christian and Roxane. Cyrano, Christian and their company are sent off to war. Roxane makes Cyrano promise that Christian will write every day.


Scene 1

Cyrano has braved enemy lines every day to deliver “Christian’s” letters to Roxane. Roxane later crosses enemy territory to see Christian. Cyrano tells Christian about the letters, and gives him a letter to sign so he can give it to Roxane if he dies. Christian notices a mark on the letter, and Cyrano tells him it is one of his tears.

Roxane tells Christian she would love him even if he were unattractive, and he realizes she actually loves Cyrano. Before heading into battle, Christian convinces Cyrano to tell Roxane the truth about the letters. Just as Cyrano is about to, two soldiers enter carrying the fatally wounded Christian.

Scene 2
Fifteen years later, a still-bereft Roxane lives at a convent. Cyrano visits every day, delivering news from the outside world. During one visit, Roxane notices blood on his head. Cyrano confesses he has been brutally beaten by one of his enemies and is dying.

Before he dies, Cyrano asks if he may read Christian’s farewell letter to Roxane one last time. Roxane realizes Cyrano is not reading the letter; he’s reciting it. Now she knows: It was Cyrano she loved all along. Cyrano dies in Roxane’s arms.