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Opera Carolina Thrills with 2010 Opening of La Boheme

January 25, 2010

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    January 25, 2010
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Opera Carolina Thrills with 2010 Opening of La Boheme

Opera Carolina kicked off their 2010 season last evening in spectacular fashion with Puccini's La Boheme. Complete with a sidewalk "Cloud Broadcast" where the live performance was streamed in a live video to a manufactured cloud outside the theater, Opera lovers both inside and outside of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center were treated to this classic tale that is never short on drama or musical accomplishment.

Mimi and Rodolfo, those eternal soul mates, ooze with chemistry and playfulness in OC's rendition of this grandiose melodrama, always a favorite with audiences. With a timeless score that is as recognizable as a loving auntie, the ensemble cast assembled for the run at the Blumenthal holds nothing back in delivering a most memorable performance.

You are unlikely to find a stronger pairing for Mimi and Rodolfo than OC's Noah Stewart and Sandra Lopez. The soprano and tenor have worked together before, having sung Carmen together several years ago in Florida. The interplay and exchange between the sweet gentle flower girl and the poetic dreamer ignites the fire that Puccini certainly had in mind when he wrote this classic over 100 years ago.

Why is this Opera one of the most widely performed and adored musicals across the globe? There is humor, joy, obsession, jealousy, lust, love and loss - all wrapped into a fabulous score that underscores each and every emotion on display.

Opera Carolina's staging is impressive, filling the Belk's vast performance area with dramatic sets, particularly act three's Parisian outskirts where the wintry mood is accented by the gray/blue lighting and gently falling snow. A special nod to the costume design, right down to the opening street scene of act two, replete with jugglers, toy vendors and young children in their Christmas finery.

The real star of course is Puccini as when staged as wondrously as it is at Opera Carolina, the audience is treated to one of the greatest theater experiences found anywhere.

By Michael J. Solender

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