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Opera Carolina reaching high

January 27, 2008

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    January 27, 2008
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Opera Carolina reaching high

CHARLOTTE -- The largest opera production in Charlotte is taking center state this week.

Opera Carolina is showcasing "Aida," the story of forbidden love set in ancient Egypt.

"'Aida' is as grand as it gets," said general director James Meena. The opera is based around Aida, the slave of proud princess Amneris, who, like her slave, is in love with Radames.

"She's used to getting anything she wants," said Elena Bocharova, who plays the princess. Despite that, she feels the audience might relate to her. "At the end, they might relate to it and feel a little sorry for her because they could see her real feelings."

This is the largest production Opera Carolina has ever undertaken. With live exotic animals and a cast and crew of over 200, Meena said they had to add another show because of demand.

Part of Opera Carolina's funding comes from the Arts and Science Council, but they also help sustain their budget through ticket sales and renting sets to other companies.

For those involved, they say it's an honor to be in an opera of this magnitude. "I just feel really at home here," said Susan Patterson, who plays Aida. "I have a lots of family and friends coming, so I'm really excited."

"Aida" begins its run on Jan. 31.

Lisa Reyes
News 14 Carolina