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Latin lunch offers plenty to chew on!

October 15, 2007

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    October 15, 2007
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Latin lunch offers plenty to chew on!

Where else can you get lunch and hear a world-renowned tenor and one of the city's best speakers for 20 bucks? The Latin Chamber simply does things differently.

The group's luncheon today at the Hilton off Tyvola features a mini-performance by Gaston Rivero, who's belted at Carnegie Hall and stars in Opera Carolina's "Romeo and Juliet." Tony Zeiss, CPCC's prez, speaks, too. And Latin chamber biggie Elisa Rodriguez Gordon tells me she will announce new entrepreneurial scholarships to be awarded soon.


A grate issue

Are crack addicts really stealing iron storm grates out of the streets of University City to sell for scrap metal?So says Mary Hopper, executive director of University City Partners. One grate has disappeared from the street and another from a shopping center, and Hopper says an informant has told the cops who the culprits are.

"They ought to be easy to spot," Hopper says. "Just look for a crack addict with a hernia." Perhaps Ikea, primed to open in the area in the spring of '09, will stock a lighter, modern wood storm grate that is easy to carry.

Movie store with more

With Hollywood Video closing stores across the country, one major corporate store is indeed becoming a Blockbuster. Two impersonal options are the Redbox video kiosks at the Teeter and Netflix. But movies are about people -- so shouldn't the business end involve them?

Visart, the funky and artsy movie rental store on Seventh in Elizabeth, has bucked the automaton trend by taking up a collection from customers and buying a secondhand couch and coffee table to create a little in-store lounge.

"It gives the small children somewhere they won't tear apart the store," says longtime manager Twiggy Cerniglia. That, and a pet-friendly policy, give us a rental store that a critic might call "real, human, and with a heart."

Lessons from Krispy Kreme

Has any company been on more of a roller coaster ride than Krispy Kreme in the past decade? Board chair Jim Morgan should give a fascinating talk to the Rotary Club of Charlotte on Tuesday. Are there lessons there for N.C.- related products (like NASCAR) managing skyrocketing growth?


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