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From a Student's Perspective: 'Turandot'

April 17, 2009

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    April 17, 2009
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From a Student's Perspective: 'Turandot'

Turandot is another tragic love story except with a twist: the princess doesn’t love the “prince”. Turandot is a selfish, Chinese princess who doesn’t want to find love. As a challenge, she gives three riddles to all her suitors. If they guess correctly, they win her hand in marriage. If not, they are sentenced to death by be-heading. Calaf, a “prince in disguise”, decides that Turandot’s beauty is worth risking his life for and tries his chance at love. There have already been 46 heads lost obviously proving the riddles are impossibly hard. The Emperor and his advisors warn him three times to leave and save his “young head”, but Calaf is too love struck to pay much attention to their words. In a twist of fate, he guesses the right answers and wins over the impossible Turandot who ends up falling madly in love with him.

Turandot was very interesting and kept the listener on the edge of their seat trying to figure out the riddle before Calaf would answer with the correct answer. The costumes fit the Asian scene and the voices were fabulous. When the opera singers opened their mouths you were swept up in their melody. Now I have a riddle for you. What is comfortable and bright when filled with light, swings its mood day in and day out and takes you to far-off lands? You figure it out. However, unlike the unfortunate suitors, you get to keep your life so long as you live it to the fullest!

Meet Ally.
14 year old 9th grader in South Charlotte.Swim team, band and theater member, Girl Scout and opera lover! Favorite operas: Die Fledermaus and The Pirates of Penzance.