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From a Student's Perspective: 'The Marriage of Figaro'

March 04, 2009

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    March 04, 2009
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From a Student's Perspective: 'The Marriage of Figaro'

The Marriage of Figaro is the last part in a hilarious two part opera. The characters in this opera are Count Almaviva, Rosina, Figaro, Susanna and Cherubino. The barber, Figaro, who had slyly married the Count and Rosina in The Barber of Seville, is now off to embark on the journey of marriage in his own way. However, when you have a love sick page, a handsome but hypocritical Count, and a barber willing to do whatever for his fiancée Susanna, there might be an opera.

The Count is a very jealous husband with a roving eye who is unloving to his wife. Susanna (the Countess’s maid) feels sorry for the Countess who is constantly pursued by love sick Cherubino, and conceives a plan to help save her marriage to the Count. Susanna pretends to seduce the Count so that he will his awful mistakes including cheating with other women. Eventually it pays off because the Count realizes his wrongs and begs forgiveness from his devoted wife. Susanna and Figaro then go off to enjoy their happy life hopefully without the nosy Count.

I think that not only the music but also the voices were excellent and painted a perfect picture of what was happening. Susanna’s voice was my personal favorite because it had a bell-like quality to it. The subtitles, however, were fuzzy and out of sync and frustrating. I did overhear several patrons comment how much they enjoyed the opera as they exited. The orchestra had been placed on the stage and although I thought I would have been distracting, it was easier to hear the music and I enjoyed it more. The opera in all was very enjoyable, funny, and perfect for anyone who wanted a fun night out.

Meet Ally.
14 year old 9th grader in South Charlotte.Swim team, band and theater member, Girl Scout and opera lover! Favorite operas: Die Fledermaus and The Pirates of Penzance.