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Calling all young singing actors!

April 14, 2010

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    April 14, 2010
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Calling all young singing actors!

The first project of the Opera Carolina Academy (a Music-Drama Workshop to be held June 21-25) is revving up for a successful debut! The first round of young singing actors have already auditioned and many were accepted into the workshop. Several more hopefuls are scheduled to audition on May 8th but there are still audition times available. Interested students should click here to sign up for an audition.

The workshop - presented in cooperation with The Community School of the Arts - will be held at Spirit Square from 9am-2:30pm each day. Students will be introduced to the elementary principals of stage combat, movement and music theory along with their primary instruction in music-drama acting exercises and vocal instruction. In addition to the daily classes with trained artists, students will attend three separate master classes conducted by highly acclaimed opera stars. These classes will be extremely enlightening for all the students observing and a very select few participants will sing for/work with these master teachers in front of their fellow students. Providing hands on exposure to the level of detail and discipline in vocal technique, language skills and dramatic focus required to produce truly integrated music-drama! Pretty exciting for both students and instructors alike!! To read more about the workshop or sign up for an audition click here.

To read more about the master teachers click here.

Be sure to share this new exciting opportunity with those young budding stars out there!