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A day at the opera

January 16, 2008

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    January 16, 2008
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A day at the opera

SHELBY — Third graders from around the county now know "How Nanita Learned to Make Flan" all because of Opera Carolina.

Students were treated to an opera performance Wednesday of the story of Nanita, her troublesome shoes and her run-ins with a cruel ranchero.

For some it was the first time hearing operatic storytelling.
"I've not really heard anything like that before," said Jaelyn Smith of Washington Elementary.

But she still understood what was going on, she said.
"My favorite part was when (Nanita) made her shoes," Jaelyn said.
Some had seen opera performances before and were looking forward to seeing another production.

Britt Petty, who also goes to Washington, said she saw an opera last year and was excited to see Tuesday's performance.

"My favorite part was the fiesta at the end," Britt said.
Opera Carolina came to Cleveland County care of the Cleveland County Arts Council's Arts in Education program.

-- Cherish Wilson
The Star
The Newspaper of Cleveland County, NC