Lucia di Lammermoor

The Garden Weeps

  • Saturday, April 11th - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday, April 16th - 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, April 19th - 2:00 pm

Lucia di Lammermoor

The distraught make for unpredictable pawns, and the blood on the hands of Lucia di Lammermoor makes for a love note like no other.  Family ruin, backdoor deals, and political intrigue be damned, the whisper of love shall be heard!  

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Act I

The Departure
The garden of Ravenswood castle, which once belonged to the Ravenswood family, is now wrongfully held by the Ashtons.  The guards of Lord Enrico (Henry) Ashton are searching for a trespasser whom it is rumored is meeting Enrico’s sister, Lucia.  Ashton enters, he is troubled because his political support for William of Orange has weakened his financial and political position, and he needs to make some strong alliances.  His sister must agree to marry the influential Lord Arturo (Arthur) Bucklaw, but she has refused, giving the reason that she is too consumed with grief; her mother having just died.  Normanno, captain of the guard, suspects that Lucia is in love with a man she secretly meets each day in the garden.  This suspicion is confirmed by the guards who return to tell Ashton that they have seen his rival, Edgardo (Edgar) of Ravenswood leaving the garden from the direction of the Ashton castle.  Enrico is furious because of Lucia’s betrayal with his most hated rival.

That evening Lucia, accompanied by her servant Alisia, waits for Edgardo in the park by a fountain.  Alisia is anxious and begs Lucia to put an end to this love that can only bring her sorrow.  Lucia refuses and tells Alisia that she had a vision of a murdered wife -- a Ravenswood accused of infidelity and murdered near this fountain by her jealous husband.  This vision only heightens Alisia’s fears for the young girl who is at once distraught over her mother’s death, and exuberant over her love for Edgardo.  When he arrives, he tells her that he is being sent to France to negotiate on behalf of the political forces behind Mary, who would eventually become Mary Queen of Scots.  Before leaving, he wants to be reconciled with the Ashtons, and as a pledge of peace, ask for her hand in marriage.  Knowing her brother’s feelings, Lucia dissuades him, and begs him to postpone this plan.  They exchange rings, which at this time in history was a solemn vow of their secret engagement.

Act II

The Marriage Contract
Months later.  Edgardo has left for France. His letters to Lucia have been intercepted by her brother.  In order to force Lucia to comply with his wishes, Enrico shows her a forged letter from Edgardo to another woman.  He insists that her loyalty to her family must now outweigh her infatuation with this deceiver.  She reluctantly accepts the marriage to Arturo.  The festivities begin as Arturo tells the Ashtons that he has come to be their friend, their brother, and their protector.  Lucia, pale and weak, enters and signs the marriage contract.  At that moment, Edgardo forces his way through the crowd and in despair accuses Lucia of infidelity.  Cursing the Ashton family, he draws his sword, throwing himself at Enrico and Arturo.  Raimondo separates them, averting a battle and Edgardo leaves.


Enrico arrives on horseback at the tower of Wolf’s Crag, the present residence of the Ravenswoods.  As a storm rages, he demands satisfaction from Edgardo for the insults to his family, and his sister.  They agree to duel at dawn near the burial grounds of the Ravenswoods.  In the meantime, at the Ashton castle, the bride and groom have retired while the wedding festivities continue.  Suddenly Raimondo interrupts the merriment to announce that Lucia has gone mad and killed Arturo.  She enters the hall, no longer recognizing anyone and, in her delirium, she enacts an imaginary wedding ceremony with Edgardo in the famouns “Mad Scene”.  She collapses dead from despair and anguish. 

Edgardo, unaware of what has transpired at the Ashton castle, goes to the place appointed for his duel with Enrico, determined to let himself be killed, as he has nothing more to live for.  He hears a funeral bell and learns of Lucia’s madness, and her death.  Vowing to find the eternal love and peace that was denied him and Lucia on earth in heaven, he kills himself as the final curtain falls.